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What exactly is The Collective?

Led by Jenna Herbut, The Conscious Business Collective Offers monthly workshops and embodiment practices to a group of high level, heart-led entrepreneurs.

Business has changed, and we don’t need to play by the old paradigm rules anymore.

The Conscious Business Collective is a sacred entrepreneurial community for those committed to expanding the reach of their heart-led business with the support of a powerful, like-minded collective.

This community is for those who know that taking a truly aligned approach to business is the most magnetic, expansive and easeful path to success.

Together, we’ll pioneer a new paradigm for business.

“No matter how successful we may appear, we all have moments when it feels scary and overwhelming to be an entrepreneur; now more than ever, it's really important to surround ourselves with like-minded community that reminds us what’s possible.”

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The Collective is for you if:

  • You understand the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection, and you’re working with your spiritual tools to take a more surrendered approach to business..
  • You’re on a path of discovery and unfolding, and you want to be in a community of others who choose to reflect the truth to one another, and forge an expansive way forward in business.
  • You’ve done things the strive and strategy route and desire to take a more Yin, heartfelt approach that attracts (vs. forces) the success you know is available to you.

The patriarchy is crumbling as we know it, but what’s next? Let’s create it together.

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