A gorgeous space in the heart of Vancouver for creative entrepreneurs to explore ideas, inspiration, and consciousness.

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Featured Events & Workshops

The Centre for Spiritual Living (CSL):

Experience weekly meditations with a worldly flavour, plus energetic and insightful SoulTalks from Rev. Karin Wilson, the founder of the Centre for Spiritual Living here in downtown Vancouver. A vibrant community where spirituality begins with consciousness.

October 17: Intuition for Soulpreneurs

Although our culture has devalued intuition for centuries, it is innate in each of us. Awareness of the super-benefits of this oft-ignored tool is experiencing a resurgence right now and for good reason; it’s free, you already have it and it’s always at the ready. It’s time to wake up yours.

October 18, Make It Talks:

It’s the busiest and most lucrative time of year, which is why we are hosting another round of Make It Talks! This one is all about how to be best prepared before, during, and after the shows. Our panel is made up of rockstar Makies who will share their stories and wisdom to give you super valuable insight on how to rock all your holiday craft fairs!